Adaptive UI Kit

A collection of GUI elements for Sketch, helps you design both iPhone and iPad apps.

v1.0.0 · Updated Aug 17 2016

Pixel Perfect

Created by an experienced UI designer, every component and icon are drawn with care on top of real screenshots.


Components are well-organized using symbols, which means you can override text labels and icons, with a ton of element variations like navigation bar in different layouts, enabling you to quickly make a screen without thouching layers inside. This is especially helpful when you are doing some quick idea explorations or creating wireframes.

104 components
80 icons
11 demo screens


Recently Sketch 39 has brought a new feature called Smart Resizing, which allows you to resize layer groups and symbols while keeping inner objects in the right place and size without using any plugin. This template file takes advantage of Smart Resizing, allowing you to mock up both iPhone and iPad apps with the same set of components.


This file includes a set of system icons drawn pixel perfectly @2x (of course it’s vector), you can use them for some common items.

Type Guide

The typography guide helps you follow iOS type style and change the overall appearance quickly.

*To use this file, you need SF font installed in your Mac. Download here (login required).


A set of example screens is also included, showcasing the new design language introduced in iOS 10.

Why I Made This?

In my learning and career path, the internet has provided me with abundant resources, I think it's time to give something back. As a designer, my dream is to make this world better by designing some good stuff. If you envision the same or similar picture as I do, I believe this resource can offer some help.

Currently I plan to hold some offline design classes full-time to help beginners get into UI design. However, to do it legally in Taiwan, I need a considerable amount of funds. If you agree with my idea, you can kindly donate below. Your donation is very appreciated and could benefit more people of the field, making this world more captivating.